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About Me

I farmed in the WestLake-Gladstone RM for 23 years. I grew grain,corn, process and seed potatoes. We also raised cattle. 

After managing a successful community project I ventured into managing construction projects that eventually took me all across Western Canada. My wife Kathy and I presently live on a small farm close to Gladstone. I was basically retired however I have energy and want to contribute more to rural Manitoba. 

Much of my experience over the last twenty years includes the construction of gravel and asphalt roads, dykes and ditches, large holding ponds and urban subdivisions. I have done a lot of aggregate testing in labs and worked for several engineering firms. I understand how critical testing is to get the right mix for the ever changing rural gravel road conditions. 

I understand rural people, rural councilors and rural issues. Gravel is complex and by leaning on my past experiences I can help RM's save money and build better gravel roads and also save on road maintenance. 

I want to help. 

My rural life approach begins with a clear understanding that in the future everyone will benefit and prosper from better quality. 

Text or Call: 204-870-7522

Email: karthurfarms@gmail.com